Obama Supports Gay Marriage but God and Science Oppose Homosexuality

Obama supports same-sex marriage for 2-peat

The theory has been that Obama was like most other politicians and will openly support an issue ONLY if it benefits his political career (votes). Obama’s recent admission that he supports same-sex marriage has tested that theory and has proven it factual. Of course, politicians’ playing the field for votes isn’t new; it simply appears Obama plays the game better than most other politicians, especially the GOP. A “great” politician once had a bad connotation; it was the equivalent to the ole snake oil salesman selling hope but you got dope ( ingredients often cocaine). Obama looks to have held this same-sex marriage card for when he may have needed it most. I never believed Obama was against same-sex marriage, I often thought that issue was too costly for him to use to gain that 50% plus one of the electorate. Today Obama sees in order to 2-peat in November he must do the “kitchen sink” approach. You can definitely see the kitchen sink approach in action; recently Obama has tried to appease young voters by selling the low interest rate college loans issue to them, I’m sure to get them out in numbers similar to 2008. And For the past 2 years he has been selling himself to low and middle income voters by developing a “Robin Hood” complex (taking from others to give and gain political favor). Obama sees no gray, it’s only cost, benefits and the probability of him being on the right side of an issue according to public opinion at any given time. Obama and his people have surely polled to measure the affects either way, for or against same-sex marriage.

God and Science Opposes Homosexuality

What amazes me (no it doesn’t) is that many so-called liberal intellects are promoting a behavior that goes against their evolutionary science teachings.


Survival of a species is through reproduction; in humans if you believe in evolution and natural selection, Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance states that genes are programmed to rid out any behavior that would go against reproduction, even if it’s at a cost to the individual. That means behavior in humans such as homosexuality is not beneficial to reproduction in the population and therefore is no part of human evolution. It is true we are born with certain behaviors and survival of the species is an innate behavior that wires us to produce offspring’s, it’s in our DNA.  Behaviors that reduce an individuals reproductive output (relative to the population) are not likely to evolve, natural selection favors individual’s producing more offspring relative to those producing fewer offspring (What is Life? Jay Phelan Ch.9).  And “if” a scenario where a homosexual gene (allele) appeared more frequent in a population (maybe through mutation), it will cause a lesser reproductive output which might spell doom for the species.


I am against same-sex marriage because of both science and religion, but I am not against the person. I believe God is the science behind the science in which we study. If we evolved from the sea than God created all the mechanisms to allow that to happen. God is “The Creator” and he created us in his image and part of that image is for us to create. Sidenote: We say “He” to connect God to our understanding, we have to assign human terms because his description is far greater than what we can communicate otherwise.

There is one passage in the Bible where the innate behavior to reproduce was instilled in man by God, Genesis 1: 27-29,
 27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. ”

So either way you look at it, homosexuality is not a trait wired into our DNA and therefore is not beneficial to the human population, I didn’t say it, God and science said it, which do you believe?

14 thoughts on “Obama Supports Gay Marriage but God and Science Oppose Homosexuality

  1. Great post, Sneaky! You’ve voiced so many of my own thoughts here – of course much better than I could have. :)

    What so many refuse to acknowledge is that even if you want to completely dismiss God from the scenario, homosexuality is still an unnatural behavior.

    • Exactly, which ever belief one may choose, homosexuality is a behavior that doesn’t have any benefit. The media and political correctness will not deliver this info to the masses. The idea of being “born that way” goes against science and God. Thanks DarcsFalcon.

  2. Imagine all those Christian “leaders” who supported Obama in ’08 and believed that he was undecided on the homosexual marriage question. That uncommitted position alone should have been telling (who doesn’t have a position???), let alone the way he voted and the causes he supported before becoming president.

    Now I’ll be interested in seeing what those same Christian “leaders” do this election cycle.

    • Many will probably justify backing Obama by going all out and accepting homosexuality. Many will abandon their stance against homosexuals or minimize it, just so they can continue to support Obama and the Democratic Party. Party partisanship is strong and it will make many Christians turn-tail and run away from Gods words. I see this being increasingly the case in todays culture.

  3. O’Reilly had two Black pastors on discussing this issue. One was adament that he was against homosexuality and abortion…but that he would still vote for Obama because he “understood” that Obama had to operate in a political field. Uh-huh.
    I think the best we can hope for is that some former Obama supporters will decide not to vote.

  4. I’ve never heard that explanation before (of how evolution suggests homosexuality isn’t genetic), but it is interesting. I have no idea what causes homosexuality, but I don’t think it is a choice. If it was, I wouldn’t be gay; I didn’t want to and I don’t know why anyone would. I do agree though that it doesn’t have any benefit to society. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous.

    • Natural selection improves trait frequencies in humans that improve reproductive behaviors, although this is known in academia, it is not inserted into the gay discussion for PC reasons. Regarding why, since science shows there’s no “gay gene”, the only other answer is enviromental/socialization. I don’t know your history so take me for example (WARNING:not comapring to gay); ever since I can remember I’ve had a very strong uncontrolled attraction to very dark black females; I didn’t care to know why until I was forced to realize that I openly showed less respect toward lighter skinned black women but treated dark black woemen like goddesses. My mother helped me realize the source of my behavior, she informed me while I was in foster care from birth to 5 years old I couldn’t walk due to severe bow-legs and was constantly in the arms of two very dark skinned teen sisters, they carried me everywhere, fed me in their arms and thought I was the cutest thing; they spoiled me. That early socialization trained me without me knowing it and instilled in me an almost innate behavior to be attracted to very dark skinned black females. I’m not saying all behavior stems from early socialization but I just think if we really want answers, it’s very much worth a look.

  5. One of the biggest lies the adversary of Mankind (and Heaven) tries to sell to the people of Earth is the same one he tried to sell before the foundations of the Earth were laid, that being an utter attack on free will and ability to choose (volition). The trap of homosexuality is, thus, doubly devious. First, it lures the people in with the promise of sexual gratification outside of the difficulties inheirant to heterosexual relations (using an even more powerful form of the lure used in pornography). Then, once it has the victim held fast within their own sexual appetites, the doctrine of homosexuality convinces them that “there is no harm in this” and that “it’s all about the freedom to choose your own right and wrong” (an age-old problem confronting Mankind). The combination of sexual gratification and shifting the issue from a “lifestyle choice” to “marriage equality” (which is a misnomer, since equality isn’t what they seek – they seek to fundamentally change the NATURE of marriage) is a combination that will hold many nigh inexorably. Nevertheless, religious convictions (which ally us to the ideal of absolute right and wrong by their very nature) will inevitably hold the position that there is a right and wrong, and we are here on Earth to show, by our CHOICES, that we will choose the right over the wrong.

    In short, a behavior (like homosexuality) is not and will never be equal to race, thus “marriage equality” isn’t about equality at all. It’s about fundamental change, to make that which is an unnacceptable behavior be viewed as an acceptable “gender identity” (instead of what it is, a “lifestyle CHOICE”, albeit an especially difficult choice once one gratifies the desire with action).

    Signed, Quaggy (Pamela T.)

    • Wise words Pamela T., that’s exactly Beezlebub’s “M.O.”, make lies into truths, turn wrongs into rights. But as you and many others prove, there are many who have not drank the koolaid, we recognize attacks on what’s right, no matter how sneaky they are. And to add to your points, today many are living with a God complex, replacing higher authority with their own doctrine, this is making selfish “CHOICES” lead to this radical grasp for change to our society. Many to satisfy their desires are becoming their own gods.

  6. You know, homosexuality was accepted almost completely in Japan by the mid-Samurai era.

    Just wondering, how can you people – who hate and discriminant others based on things that hurt nobody and that they cannot control – call yourselves Christians? Do you really think that Jesus gives a damn about who people fall in love with? You people would truly ail Christ for hating your fellow man over something so petty.

    I swear, homophobes think about gay sex more than actual homosexuals do. It’s the 21st century, people. get over yourselves.

    • Yes Jesus gave a damn! You and people like you believe Jesus was OK with sin, simply because he welcomed sinners. Jesus welcomed sinners to offer them salvation, save them from evil, Jesus said come, but go sin NO MORE! Stop preaching when you do not know Jesus. the Jesus you speak of is a man-made, illusion created to justify your sins.

      Yes, I’m Christian, are you? And yes I hate sin, even my own! You and people like you want to love your sin, and who cares about Japan (mid-Samurai era) there are many more eras in history that was totally against homosexuality, what those? You remind me that the Devil has people like you believing homosexuality is petty, harmless when the Bible clearly says homosexuality is wrong. Please, you don’t know Jesus, quit it!

    • I don’t interpret anything I’ve read here as “hatred.” Why is it that you are so intolerant of other people’s beliefs? I don’t agree with some of the things said here either, but I have no right to accuse the people saying them of hatred without any actual evidence (and if you think there is evidence of hatred, please point it out and I’d be happy to tell you why it isn’t). I don’t view homosexual activity, per se, as harmful, but if some people view it as a sin because of their faith, why would I, as a gay person, be offended by that? In most cases, the motivation for their views isn’t hatred, it is the teachings of their religion. I mean, I’ve never met a Christian who doesn’t acknowledge that he or she also sins. Do they also hate themselves, and every other person? They don’t have any actual power to prevent me from doing something that isn’t against the law, so why on Earth would I be offended by their expressions of faith? I might disagree with them, but their expressions of faith don’t force me to do anything. Methinks you are a bit too sensitive.

  7. Oh, and science opposing homosexuality? How so? Dolphins oftentimes engage in gay sex, so are they even Pagan un-Christians as well?

    Anyway, I’ve grown tired of your childish site at this point. But yeah, keep spreading lies and keep spreading hate – the greatest irony is when the cruelest and most self-righteous people pretend to follow Jesus. There’s a word for that….ah, right, it’s Antichrist.

    You people are Antichrists, you pretend to follow the heaven-piercing message of understanding your fellow human, loving others and redeeming the Earth, yet in reality, you love nothing more than to stroke your own egos and hate others (in this case, liberals) to appease your need for power.

    • Please don’t compare humans to dolphins, that’s kiddie. You know female pythons have been known to eat their babies so I guess using your logic my mom would have been ok to eat me.

      Science has proven there is NO gay gene, but I certain that doesn’t matter to you
      I’m sorry, I already tagged those like you in a blog as ant–Christ. You are the ones who try to hide behind this Jesus of love and acceptance of all sin, when Jesus was about salvation and you can’t have salvation without removing sin. The anti-Christ has made people like you believe in un holy logic that is harming our society greatly, sorry you have been fooled, I hope an pray that you could actually know the real Jesus, not this fake Jesus evil has created.

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